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Search Engine Optimisation

Maximizing visibility

A rounded approach to search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the most vital of the techniques adopted for digital marketing. The approach used to determine the key phrases and the keyword analysis  makes a significant contribution to optimising content for search engine visibility. Setting the stage for tactical plans for reaching out to the your customers. 

We first try and understand the goals that a search engine project must achieve. These goals are customer centric and generally consists of
  1. Brand awareness goals
  2. Awareness goals for product and service
  3. Lead generation goals
  4. Social media optimisation goals
The strategy adopted will be specific to each stage of the customer buy cycle. The customer journey sets the framework for appropriately map the phases of customer journey to the relevant search phrase type.

Iseedea uses it search engine expertise in increasing awareness and drive visits from your customers. Please contact us for a no fee consultation.