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IseeDEA Pvt Ltd | Online Video Marketing

Web Videos - A quicker way to influence consideration

Web videos are a great way to showcase your product and services on the web. There are distinct advantages that web video provides over textual content and images. It is found that 78% of the customers do their product research online. On youtube alone 4 billion video are viewed and have 30,000+ partners from 27 countries around the world. With such customer reach it is a good strategy to deliver digital multimedia animated contents, as it serves purposes of awarness, interest generation and education on one single channel

Iseedea Online Video Marketing Services

Optimized for conversions

Your online video marketing efforts are only viable if you have strategy to optimize for conversion your offerings using video. Iseedea has the expertise and infrastructure to deliver you the right visual content which would make your likely buyers to take action rather than view or share. Find success with your video marketing. We provide no obligation consultancy to chart out. What works for you? Contact us right away; our consultants are looking forward to hear from you.

Why do you need an online video?

Help build a relationship with customers that drive action
Build trust with the audience.
Provide information that will help solve a problem.

Right Message

Each of the content type has it place in producing the right kind of influence.
Although you can find a generic buying cycle, there isn't a well-articulated customer journey.
This means you have to support your customers no matter where they are in their journey. 

Message sent via videos will help customers discover your brand , explore your brand establishing trust and also become advocates of your brand.

Right Channel

Knowing where your customer looking for information is vital to your return on digital marketing investment.
Whichever the media type is paid, earned or owned, based on your goals of awareness , informational detailing and level of loyalty expected we will guide your decision of where you want to place your video for best responses. 

Iseedea can strategies your video marketing providing a perfect marketing mix in line with your digital marketing goals.

Right Metrics

Helping your smart decisions on where to allocate your finite resources Iseedea considers four important online video metrics that will remain relevant at all times. 

These are 
  • How much of your video did your customers watch? 
  • How many subscribed to your videos? 
  • How many liked, commented and shared your videos? 
  • How much audience retention was possible with your video? 

Feel free to contact our analytics team here they will help you to arrive at smart decisions to cut down on your video marketing expenditure.