Strategic Data Driven Transformation Consulting Services

Agile solutions for a shifting data & analytics transformation landscape.

Iseedea provides result driven transformation and data management solution, mitigating the inherent risk and realising opportunities an agile and smart company presents.
We encourage clients to exploit digital transformation & innovation space for their business growth by advocating, brokering & coaching what works in data & analytics transformation..
Our transparent & flexible strategy ensure our proposition for a solution is implemented, guaranteeing value for money.
Our expertise in data management & analytics has helped us gain immense knowledge in using data tangential to the business flow to provide unique and innovative ideas for transformation.

Iseedea offers a trusted partnership to our clients in developing a strategy to exploit the opportunities that exists within the transformation platform. On consulting with us, we will chart out a solution roadmap for your company aligned with your goals and objectives.

Our plan will understand your company’s current analytical mindset and propose the right kind of digital scale up required for your business.

The plan would involve,

  • Developing an innovative transformation plan that can either disrupt your competitors market plans or looking inwards phase out.
  • Charting out a segmentation & targeting approach.
  • Reviewing your current analytical capability and future advance analytics roadmap.
  • Chart out data strategy meeting goals of data quality, master data management & provenance.
  • Creating & monitoring plans for transformation benefit reviews.

The above approach is part of our data & analytics strategic solution road map, helping you transform your company into a smart enterprise.

Data & Analytics Transformation Activities

  • Plan
    1. Goals and objectives for the project / campaign
    2. Define a vision for digital transformation contribution
    3. Align business and analytical goals
    4. Create a conversion model - revenue benefit analysis
    5. Define performance dashboard
  • Situation Analysis
    1. Review Data platform SWOT
    2. Review innovation SWOT
    3. Review Customer insights
    4. Competitor Analysis
    5. Technology Landscape Analysis
    6. Review Market Place Trends
  • Data & Analytics Transformation Strategy formulation
    1. Review innovation effectiveness
    2. Create innovation budget
    3. Create acquisition strategy
    4. Optimize analytics feedback channels
  • Maximise Adoption of Data Driven Decision Making
    1. Removing hurdles to adopting
    2. Reviewing techniques to engage with end users
    3. Selecting the best outcome
    4. Provide monitoring schedule for per